Do you want to improve your wellbeing, regain your vitality, boost your creativity, and experience greater joy in life?

How many times have you found what looked like the perfect solution, only to realize that it isn’t accessible to you?

How long have you been searching for a way to reconnect with yourself, your health, and the world around you?
To overcome the accessibility challenges that many people just like you have shared with us, we’re giving you the opportunity to join us without the complications of travel ...
Participate in Master Mingtong Gu's ONLINE Retreats....
Master Mingtong Gu and The Chi Center Retreat Team invites you to participate in our upcoming Retreat – in real time via the internet!
Invest In Your Well-Being

The Healing and Awakening Retreats with Master Mingtong Gu are our most focused training retreats for people facing health challenges of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

You will be guided directly by Master Mingtong, a world-renowned teacher and healer in Wisdom Healing Qigong.

Participate in the entire Retreat from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere with an internet connection!  Replays of all sessions are available for 30 days after the Retreat ends.

Significant price savings for attending online!
Guests at our New Mexico Healing Intensive Retreats will pay approximately $2,060 (without on-site accommodations) to attend these Sessions as commuters.

As an Online Retreat student during the same time frame, your investment is only $888 (or 2 payments of $444) — saving you the additional in-person enrollment fees, costs of travel, meals, and overnight accommodations.

2020 Registration Opens 12/12/19

January 25-31, 2020
Healing Intensive Retreat: Chronic Conditions
March 20-26, 2020
Pure Consciousness Retreat: All Levels, Awakening & Healing
July 6-13, 2020
Healing Intensive Retreat: All Levels, All Health Conditions
September 27-October 2, 2020
Healing Intensive Retreat: All Levels, All Health Conditions
October 3-9, 2020
Advanced Practices Healing Intensive Retreat: All Health Conditions, Intermediate & Advanced Practitioners 

For years, our students have traveled to us from across the globe. Together at our center in New Mexico, we share the practice of the ancient art and science of Wisdom Healing Qigong as a community.

Many of our attendees experience transformative results — even those with serious health challenges.

And, we are joyful to have helped our Retreat students regain their wellbeing and vitality. Yet, we know there are MANY more people who, for one reason or another, cannot travel to New Mexico to work with us in person.

That’s why we started using the internet to provide Wisdom Healing Qigong training programs online. And it’s also why, in addition to our highly successful existing online programs, we are now expanding the capacity and reach of our online teaching and training to include the renowned Healing Intensive Retreat format – answering the call of Master Mingtong's personal dream, as well as many student requests to make the benefits of the Retreat available around the world.

Help create a miracle

Are you ready to experience direct energetic transmissions and teachings from an acclaimed Qigong Master?

> You will learn how to bring the strong Chi Field from the Retreat directly into your home while you integrate the daily practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong into your life immediately. All the teachings, transmissions, and practices will be available to you for two weeks after the live sessions end. You can relax and participate to your own capacity, receiving the healing energy, connecting to the Retreat's strong chi field, and participating in a group healing session every day.

> Group practice, and the chi field it generates, have a powerful effect on the progress of each individual in the group. Together we make this possible! We are ready to co-create healing miracles with you and we hope you are ready too. 

Who is the Live-stream ONLINE Retreat designed to serve?

> This Online Retreat is open to everyone – no matter what your level of health and wellbeing, and no matter what previous experience you have (or don't have) with the practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong.

> You will need a stable high-speed internet connection, some space and time to dedicate to yourself, and a willingness to participate

When does the Live-stream ONLINE Retreat begin and end?

> Registration ends 2 DAYS before each Online Retreat beginsSee the schedule at the top of this page for the seasonal 2019 Online Retreat DatesThe live Zoom video-cast will begin with an orientation.  And, practice and teaching with Master Mingtong will begin at the same time the in-person event begins.
Broadcast Times: See the schedule at the top of this page for the seasonal 2019 Online RetreatsAll times below are shown in the US MountainTime ZoneTo convert the broadcast times to your time zone, visit

Day 1
• Time to be determined - Online Welcome, Introductions, Technology Check, and Orientation Training

Day 2 - 6 
• 7:00am - 7:45am Teaching & Practice - Awaken Vitality*
• 9:00am - 12:30pm Teaching & Practice with Master Mingtong
• 1:45 - 2:30pm Chi Nap Integration time (offline)
• 2:30 - 6:00pm Sound Healing, Teaching, Q&A with Master Mingtong
• 7:30 - 9:00pm Teaching & Group Healing with Master Mingtong

*depending upon logistics, we may be able to broadcast a 45 minute practice at 7:00am during Days 2 - 7. We'll let you know more during your Orientation Meeting

Day 7
• 9:00am - 12:30pm Teaching, Practice, and Closing Ceremony

How does the Live-stream ONLINE Retreat work?

> You’ll connect online with our live video stream from the Healing Intensive Retreat, so that you can learn and practice alongside our in-person students. The group practice sessions involve gentle movement to free up your energy, as well as sound healings and visualizations.

> The schedule for the days and times are in listed in the Broadcast Times section of this page. There are about 3 hours of break time throughout each day. You can participate according to your personal schedule and time zone, and you will continue to have access to all the video recordings for 30 days after the live sessions end. 

> The live video broadcast will be hosted on Zoom, which is a two-way communication technology free to all viewers. It's best to have a good internet connection, a web-cam, and microphone. This is the best long-distance support you can receive from Master Mingtong!

What if I’m not good with technology?

> No problem! We have a team all ready to support you!  You can contact our online technology team via email at and they'll reply as promptly as possible.


Questions? Use our live chat feature below. Schedule a time to talk with a Retreat Expert or
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What People Are Saying about the Online Healing Intensive Retreat

A full immersion that exceeded expectations   — Pamela J, Carmel, CA
"The Chi Center’s online retreat greatly exceeded my expectations. Having been to previous retreats, I thought it would be a reflection of the retreat experience. But it was not a mere reflection. It was a full immersion. If you have never done a WHQ retreat or would like to do one and are not able to make the trip to New Mexico, this is an amazing option.

As with onsite retreats, my experience during the online retreat was rich and deep, challenging and ”profoundly beneficial.“ I ”arrived” with the intention to be healthy, happy and whole. And the retreat, through MingTong, the teaching staff, support staff and Chi Field, bestowed a thousand blessings upon me. After a year away from participating in online courses, this retreat was like coming home. Coming home to Wisdom Healing Qigong, coming home to my body (after an extremely challenging year), coming home to an amazing community of practitioners. And coming home to the wisdom that flows freely through them all. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity that ”just happened” to come during the one week I have off from work this summer. I could not have asked for a more inspiring, rejuvenating, and in its own unique way, relaaaaxing retreat."  With gratitude and Haolas.

Surprisingly deep and powerful — Judith F.

"This has been a wonderful experience. I wondered how it would work and have been greatly surprised by how effective it is. Mingtong’s energy comes through as well as the energy of participants in the Kiva. I loved having the casual experience of being at home with the extended relationships on the screen.

I’ve been to at least eight in person retreats in California and this was surprisingly deep and  just as powerful as being there in person. Plus I had my own special comfortable chairs and pillows to support me, not to mention my own bed and bathroom. I will do it again. Thank you for offering this. I loved it."

Felt as though I was there... a real sense of community Rebecca J, Vancouver, BC

"Having experienced the joy of community, healing and incredible Kiva Chi energy, all the wonderful teachers guidance and energy and most of all Mingtong's joy, sense of humor, chi energy healings and profound teachings I really wondered if an online retreat could even come close to its effectiveness. However, I was hopeful having experienced the energetic transmissions from Mingtong's teachings in the ongoing online program I have been enrolled in for months now. Haola! I experienced, on a deep level the energy transmissions from Mingtongs teachings, the exercises and his incredible evening sound healings. The supplementary exercises were very easy to follow. At times it felt as though I were there. Energetically, I definitely felt THERE! As well, I did feel a real sense of community with my fellow online participants once we began our small group sharing. Beautiful. I think the greatest gift was how the retreat kickstarted and reinforced my commitment to my daily qigong practice. Gratitude for sharing with us online. Many blessings to you all.  HAOLA HAOLA HAOLA."

What to Expect from your Healing Intensive Retreat
Listen to Master Mingtong welcoming the in-person and livestream audience to the Kiva during the first evening of a recent Retreat.
TIPS: How to Maximize the Benefits of your Retreat

We want you to know:

Commitment to your Self is powerful!  Many people discover they feel a surge of energy just by registering and making a powerful new pledge to themselves. Our team will be available to support you all along the way.  Feel free to reach out to us via email at any time with questions by writing to

Your intentions and your results.  In the Wisdom Healing Qigong tradition, we will help you connect with and emphasize your deepest intention. What is your true, pure intention for joining this program?  Your answer, your truth carries a certain energetic signature. It is the intention beyond what you do that determines the results of your actions. Before beginning this, or any wellness program, please consult your healthcare professional. Wisdom Healing Qigong is not intended to diagnose, cure, or be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Cancellation policies.  If you must cancel, please understand that we do not grant refunds for any reason. However, you may apply the funds you paid toward attendance of a future Chi Center Retreat or  Program of your choice, within 12 months from your date of cancellation.  If the Chi Center cancels this program, you will receive 2 weeks' notice when possible, and a full refund. We are not responsible for the cost of any other cancellation expenses you may incur, such as non-refundable travel fees, etc.

Your privacy and confidential information.  We take our responsibility to protect your personal data and your health information very seriously. It is our utmost priority to care responsibly for any data you give us.  We use your data to deliver and improve the information and services we provide to you, and we never share it with others.  All payment information is stored within secure platforms whose business is to do that securely with high levels of encryption.

Audio and Video Recordings.  Many of our program sessions will be recorded on audio and video for the benefit of the participants.  In addition, The Chi Center may use videos, photos and/or recording excerpts for educational, documentary, outreach, and marketing purposes. Participants will be provided a Release of Rights and Claims form with more details.